Our Project came in two parts. First we wanted to have concrete basement floor stained, and second, we had a concrete patio outside the lower level walk out installed.

Our experience with Graley Concrete was very good. Especially working with co-owner Trevor Lindstrom. All through the project, from start to finish he was up front, patience and open to all of our questions concerns and ideas. During our initial contact Trevor walked us through what our project would entail. During his measuring for the estimate he was very courteous and respectful of our home. We obtained three estimates for these jobs (one of which was an award winning company) and Graley’s was comparable but not the cheapest.

We chose Graley because Trevor was the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic. He would readily contact and educate us. For the stamped concrete work there were many example of Graley’s work in the area. But the interior stained concrete floor viewing was limited to photos until Trevor offered to let us come to his home, where he had stained his own floor. We took a ride over and checked out his work. The floor was beautiful and as a bonus we were able to meet his wonderful family.

They were booked out approx two weeks but on the day promised the crew showed up. They were efficient and professional. Trevor was there during the whole process. He did the interior floor staining himself, and as he was applying the stains to the floor he would call my wife down to make sure the color was to her liking. And before he sealed the floor he had her come down to look it over so she had a final opportunity to make changes. Both jobs were completed in two days. Although Trevor came back approx 3 weeks later after the patio cured to clean and seal it. The cost was right at the estimate, there were no hidden, or additional charges. Both the floor and the patio turned out wonderful.

The artistic work of both projects will enhance the value and beauty of our home for years to come. We highly recommend Graley Concrete Construction.