Graley Concrete's Feature Project

"2015 Feature Project Stillwater, MN"

Overview: Design and create a outdoor living space, porch, sidewalks, and driveway.

Project: Redesigning current front walkway layout to accommodate new valet style drive up and updated landscape plan. Remove delaminating tile on front porch and install colored and stamped concrete topping with complete cantilevered edge as well as cantilevered main steps. Remove and install new massive texture stamped driveway with many technical slope angles to accommodate future detached garage. Design and install new large stamped patio in the back of the residence. Patio contained several different design inlays of different colors and textures around the beautiful new outdoor fireplace to create visual interest.

Challenge: The homeowner was very knowledgeable in the construction industry and had several design ideas that we had to implement. Since we were basically the first contractors onsite we were leaned on very heavily to take all considerations of the project in mind as we designed our concrete layout, which made for almost daily construction meetings.

Closing: This was by far the largest decorative job of the year, with almost 90 total yards of colored and stamped concrete. We were also on very strict time guide lines to complete work because of other contractors needing to work in these areas as well. All in all we are very pleased with the outcome and feel it is some of our best work to date!

       2015 Feature Project Stillwater, MN
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