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Decorative Stamping and Textures

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St. Croix Stone

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)

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At Graley Concrete we are committed to give the quality and experience our customers deserve with over 20 years of experience to back it up. Please give us a call to see what we can do for your project.

Since 1990, Graley has installed thousands of square feet of colored and stamped concrete for driveways, walks, pool decks and steps. For the quality and beauty of your project, the concrete choice is Graley.

Decorative Stamping and Textures
Conventional or overlays give your concrete the appearance of brick slate,
random stone, or rock surface. We can pour as conventional concrete or
stamp and texture your overlays.

Acid Staining and Coloring
Existing or new acid staining concrete creates a rich, old world look
that chemically reacts with concrete to give it a beautiful mottled look,
with eight acid stain colors to choose from. We can also custom color
your concrete with color stain for more options to choose from.

Surface Overlays
We can install over virtually any surface including wood floors to take the
place of tile, carpet or any other flooring you can think of. Overlays can
also be put over your existing concrete floors, driveways, steps etc.
We can stamp textures, trowel, stencil, stain or color your overlays.

Vertical wall stamping
and simulated rock features

Interior or exterior. Graley Concrete can turn your walls into beautiful
simulated stone, rock cliffs, brick, castle block, waterfalls or just about
anything your imagination can think of. These products can go over any
surface, Sheetrock, metal, plywood, concrete, block or plastic. When
completed you will be amazed at how realistically natural the surface
looks. Also includes custom coloring to bring nature to your home or


an Environmental Stoneworks Company

St. Croix Stone
Graley Concrete now offers the beauty and elegance of
St. Croix Stone. St. Croix Stone uses natural minerals,
and aggregates to manufacture products with the highest
of standards to meet or exceed building codes for both exterior and interior applications.

Inspired by textures, details and colors occurring in nature,
St. Croix Stone is available in a variety of pleasing textures and colors. It will maintain its earthtone colors and textures through decades of weathering. And, it's maintenance free.

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
From the outside of a building constructed with Reward Wall Systems insulating forms (ICFs), things look the same as any other building on the street. It's on the inside that concrete and foam are working together to create a strong, efficient structure.
At their most basic level. ICFs serve as a forming system for poured concrete walls.
The ICFs remain in place and become part of the wall structure providing insulation on both sides of your walls.

To see how Reward ICF walls are assembled, take a look at our step-by-step construction overview.